NOT SO FAQ - Answers to Questions You Didn't Know to Ask

1 Is there a God?  How long have you been driving on those bald tires? Now you tell me.

2 Why don’t oil and water mix? Same reason you don’t get along with your brother, your different.

3 What is with Donald trumps hair? A supermodel Poindexter, what’s with yours?(correct answer is an albino otter)

4 Do I really have to wash, rinse, repeat? Only if you don’t want your hair to look like Bob Marley’s

5 Can I swim right after eating? Not if you ate my Moms fruitcake, you’ll sink like your wearin cement shoes.

6 What happened to the Polar bear on “Lost”? Global warming, he was not a jungle person.

7 What is a Brazillian? How much we owe after all this bail-out crap.

8 Who is the “worlds most interesting man”. Chuck Norris