1) Paint Striping - parking lots, handicap (ADA) stalls, playgrounds, warehouses, directional arrows, numbers, stenciling and painted curbs

2) Thermoplastic striping and marking - this is a hot molten plastic made out of old Tupperware, just kidding. It is made from a wood-based resin generally heated to 400 degrees and extruded onto a surface through various size dies to form lines, letters, and symbols primarily on street surfaces.

3) Signing – handicap (ADA), regulatory, warning, construction, guide, information and general veiled threats.

4) Wheelstops - generally used to stop cars from encroaching on sidewalks or into buildings or objects. Occasionally trips up unsuspecting shopper on Americas Funniest Videos (not so funny).

5) Seal coat - this is an asphalt emulsion designed to seal and protect your parking area from sun, water, fuel, and oil spills.

6) Pavement markers – used for street lane delineation. Blue markers for location of fire hydrants and green markers to let the Aliens know where to land.

7) Bollards - These are usually steel pipes set in concrete to protect building corners, fire hydrants or electrical transformers. Range in pipe sizes 3-8 inches and are fixed in place or removable.

8) Survey monuments - are a permanent brass disc set in concrete to an exact location used to determine property lines and locations of objects from mapped records. They will not help you find your car keys.

9) Aerial logos - mostly used at sporting venues and racetracks to show your competitors how much money you have. Can also be used to propose to your fiancé or ask forgiveness from your wife, Tiger, Jesse…